Dynamic Simulation Training with Vensim. Dynamic Simulation Training with Vensim. Dynamic Simulation Training with Vensim

Vensim Basic Online Course

This course is intended for users that are new to Vensim. Only basic computer skills are needed. No statistical or specific mathematical education is required.

This course allows the student to acquire, in a time-efficient and uncomplicated manner, knowledge in the formation and construction of dynamic models using Vensim. The course will guide students through the construction of realistic hypotheses and elaborate behavior models as well as inclusion of external data.

At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the components of a complex system.
  • Diagnose the natural evolution of the system under analysis.
  • Create a model of the system and present it using the simulation software.
  • Carry out simulations and experiment with the model.

  • The documentation for the course will be provided in electronic format. Vensim PLE is used during the basic course. The instructor is available to the student for any help during his studies, the support forum is also available for search and help.

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    Dynamic Simulation Training with Vensim

    About Vensim

    Vensim provides a graphical modeling interface with stock and flow and causal loop diagrams, on top of a text-based system of equations in a declarative programming language. It includes a patented method for interactive tracing of behavior through causal links in model structure, as well as a language extension for automating quality control experiments on models called Reality Check.

    The modeling language supports arrays and permits mapping among dimensions and aggregation. Built-in allocation functions satisfy constraints that are sometimes not met by conventional approaches like logit. It supports discrete delays, queues and a variety of stochastic processes.

    There are multiple paths for cross sectional and time-series data import and export, including text files, spreadsheets and ODBC. Models may be calibrated against data using optimization, Kalman Filtering or Markov chain Monte Carlo methods. Sensitivity analysis options provide a variety of ways to test and sample models, including Monte Carlo simulation with Latin Hypercube sampling.

    Vensim model files can be packaged and published in a customizable read-only format that can be executed by a freely available Model Reader. This allows sharing of interactive models with users who do not own the program and/or who the model author does not wish to have access to the model's code base.

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    Dynamic Simulation Training with Vensim . Dynamic Simulation Training with Vensim. Dynamic Simulation Training with Vensim