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  • Evaluating The Impact Of System Dynamics Based Learning Environments: Preliminary Study.

  • A Simulation Methodology Unifying System Dynamics And Business Objects.

  • Hybrid Modelling: System Dynamics Combined With Multi-Criteria Analysis.

  • Object Oriented Extensions To System Dynamics.

  • Object Oriented Design Patterns And System Dynamics Components.

  • Advancing the Frontiers of System Dynamics Through Higher Order of Paradox.

  • System Thinking by Stealth: How to ‘Wash the Great Unwashed’?

  • System Dynamics at the Design-Science Interface.

  • Modeling Real Options to Switch Among Alternatives.

  • Modeling the Forest or Modeling the Trees.

  • System Dynamics Modeling. Tools for learning in a Complex World. John Sterman

  • Presentations that can Captivate Mind and Soul.

  • Bathtub Dynamics. Initial Results of a System Thinking Inventory. Linda Booth.

  • An exemplified description of System Dynamics. Small events that can have large consequences.

  • What is Cybernetics ? Stafford Beer

  • Testing the use of a System Dynamics Model for Improving Public Participation. Case Las Vegas Water System.

  • Methodological Framework For Integrating Systems Thinking And System Dynamics.

  • System Thinking by Stealth: How to ‘Wash the Great Unwasted’?


  • Model learning using genetic programming under full and partial system information conditions

  • Project Performance Corporation The Doing Of Model Verification And Validation: Balancing Cost And Theory.

  • Structure-Oriented Behavior Tests In Model Validation.

  • Implementing Formal Model Analysis. s

  • Options In Source Code Documentation.

  • Business Modeling Process.

  • System Dynamics Practice In A Non-Ideal World: Modelling Defence Preparedness.

  • Quick and Rigorous, Strategic and Participative: 12 Ways to Improve on the Expected Tradeoffs.

  • Policy Optimization in Dynamic Models with Genetic Algorithms.

  • Is Explicit Information Important for Performance in System Dynamics?

  • Constructing Numerical Reference Modes from Sparse Time Series.

  • Another Modeling Approach: using a Novice to Do the Job – Courage to Take a Risk and You Will Have a Star !

  • Lessons From Simple Stock and Flow Models.

  • Methodological Problems in the Formulation and Validation of System Dynamics Models Incorporating Soft Variables.



  • A Scoping and Consensus Building Model for Understanding the Dynamics of a Blue-Green Algae Bloom.

  • Public Policy Timeliness to Disruptive Innovation in Biotechnology: Information Feedback and the Regulation of Balancing Loops.


  • Modeling the Management of Clam Exploitation in the Basque Country (Northern Spain)

  • Environmental sustainability in an agricultural development project. A system dynamics approach.

  • Modelling the grazing system of the “pampa humeda argentina”

  • A physical and economic evaluation of Argentina’s beef production systems.

  • The wine chain in Argentina. Influence of the Production – Consumption dynamics.

  • Simulation model of the profitability in ranches of Taumalipan shrub of Coahuila by effect of the ratio bovine.

  • A dynamic model of crop growth and partitioning of biomass.

  • Forest, Acidification and the Socio-economic Cost.

  • Dynamic of Illegal Logging System in Indonesia: An initial Investigation.

  • Exploring the Dynamics of Economics and Ecological Sustainability in the Northen Forest.

  • A Dynamic Model of crop growth and partitioning of biomass.

  • The Maple Sap Products Industry in Quebec. An Economic and Production System Dynamic Model.

  • Studying a Multi-Dimensional ProblemUsing System Dynamics: The Case of Sustainability in the Semi-Arid Argane Forest in Morocco.

  • Long Term Consequences of Genetically Modified Crops in Agriculture.

  • The Dynamic Spatial Simulation Modeling of the Effects of Land Use Change on Avian Species.

  • A Simulation Study of Domestic Rice Distribution Under New Japanese Food Law of 1994.

  • State Policies on Self-Sufficiency in Agricultural Section of Iran.

  • Boom and Bust Shrimp Aquaculture.

  • A Basis for Understanding Fishery Management Complexities.

  • Policy and Outcome Contrasts in the Evaluation of the Effects of Structural Change in Swiss Mountain Agriculture.

  • Dairy Policy and Price Volatility.

  • A Basin Management Cumulative Impact Model.

  • El Embalse de Cachinche.

  • The Use of System Dynamics in a Large Scale System Engineering Effort: Case Study of the Deep Water Project.

  • Modelling a wetland for sustainable management. Ulubat Lake.

  • Preliminary Development of a Web-based Learning Environment for the Las Vegas Water Model.

  • Using System Dynamics to Evaluate and Comunicate the Effects of Water Management Strategies in Las Vegas (Nevada).

  • Reindeer husbandry: A practical decision-tool for adaptation of herds to rangelands.

  • Modelo de la Piscifactoria de del Iujo Guanarito (Venezuela)

  • The Dynamics of Agricultural Commodities and Their Responses to Disruptions of Considerable Magnitude .

  • Modeling the Irrigation System in Egypt.

  • Toward Effective Water Diplomacy by Using System Dynamics: Case Study


  • Global Scenarios to 2020. Shell

  • Environmental Carrying Capacity of the Seoul Metropolitan Area: Estimation, Implication and Limitations.

  • Short Versus Long-Term Dynamics: The Example of Ecological Management.

  • Decision Rules and assumptions in Overexploitation of Renewable Resources.

  • Como generar un sistema de indicadores socio-demográfico y ambiental.

  • Indicators for Monitoring Integration of Environment and Sustainable Development in Enterprise Policy.

  • Institutional Sustainability Indicators. An Analysis of the Institutions in Agenda 21 and Draft Set of Indicators for Monitoring their effectivity.

  • System Dynamics Model Development of the Canary Islands for Supporting Strategic Public Decisions.

  • T21 China. An Initial Application and Analysis.

  • Simulation game for regional sustainable development planning.

  • The Bridge to Humanity’s Future. A System Dynamics Perspective on the Environmental Crisis and its Resolution.

  • Simulating dynamic carrying capacity of the Ocelandic environment for land use in relation to past and future climatic fluctuations.

  • Codigo de Gobierno para la Empresa Sostenible.

  • A Step by step System Dynamics Modelling of Sustainability.

  • Sowing and Tending Seeds of Change in a Field of Stone.

  • Modelling Sustainable Development: System Dynamics and Input-Output approaches.

  • Coordinative Development of the Social Systems by System Dynamics Modelling.

  • Estudio para la integración de las politicas gubernamentales hacia un Desarrollo Sostenible.

  • Dynamics of Social Development.

  • Diagnóstico ambiental de Salamayuca.

  • Risk-Averse Water Allocation Policies in Semi-Arid Regions.

  • Ecologia Industrial como herramienta para una planificación del desarrollo.

  • Is ecological living sustainable ?

  • Is ecological living sustainable ? a case study from two Swedish villages in South Sweden.

  • Dynamics of Food-Prey-Predator Systems and Agricultural Practices.

  • Global Warming and Gaia Theory: A Systems Approach.

  • A Generic Look at Payments for Environmental Services: Plan or Scam?

  • Combining Hydrology and Economics in a Systems Dynamics Approach: Modeling Water Resources for the San Juan Basin.

  • A Modelling Approach for Evaluating the Pre-Industrial Natural Carrying Capacity of the Human Population in Iceland.

  • A Group Model Building Process to Integrate Land Use, Transportation, and Air Quality Planning in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Modeling the Relationship between Population and Land Development under Changing Land Use Policies.


  • Social Learning Laboratory For Urban Sustainability.

  • Economic Effects of Decentralization of Government with People Empowerment: An International Comparison of Four Asian and European Rural Localities.

  • Models for National Planning.

  • A Sustainability Assessment of the Urban Rehabilitation Project.

  • Latin and South America: A Case Study of Emergent Geopolitical Viruses.

  • Methods of Communication in Urban Planning and Development.

  • System Dynamics of Optimal Commencement Timing for Office Building Construction.

  • A Dynamic Model of Spatial Planning in Metroplotan Areas.

  • Análisis sistémico de la creación de un corredor de integración vial. Caso Brasil-Venezuela.

  • System Dynamics Model Development of the Canary Islands for Supporting Strategic Public Decisions.

  • Feedback Approach for the Dynamic Interactions Between Urban Transportation and Air Pollution.

  • Effects of Constructibility Reviews on Highway Project Duration.

  • Strategic Study and Dynamics Decision for Development Program of City Housing.

  • Modelling Functional Quality of Rigid Pavements Systems During its Life Cycle, A Systemic Approach.

  • Modeling Geographic Dispersion in an Urban Area.

  • Solutions to Improve Performance in the UK House Building Supply Chain: The Use of A System Dynamics Model.

  • A System Dynamics Model for the UK Private House Building Supply Chain.

  • Extreme Event Policy Analysis: Identifying Stakeholders and Preferences for Natural Hazard Mitigation Policies.

  • Analyzing Stakeholder Dynamics in Environmental Conflict: A New Zealand Transport Infrastructure Project.

  • Simulating the Urban Transformation Process in the Haaglanden Region, the Netherlands.

  • Modeling Shanghai Real Estate Market.

  • U.S. Low Income Housing Policy – A Dynamic System Evaluation.

  • Communicating the Vision of an Urban City Development: A Model.

  • Some Contributions toward Spatial Urban Dynamics.


  • A System Dynamics Analysis of the Westray Mine Disaster.

  • Alternative Modeling Approaches: A Case Study in the Oil and Gas Industry.

  • Repeated Overshoot and Collapse Behavior: An Example from the Petroleum Industry.

  • Dynamics of Oil Price in the World Market.

  • Dynamics of Oil Price in the World Market.

  • Environmental Benefits and Economic Rationale of Expanding the Italian Natural Gas Private Car Fleet.


  • System Dynamic Modeling of Engineered Landfill Covers.

  • Modelling and Analysis of Environmental Pollution in an Integrated Stell Plant.

  • Efectos de la aglomeración de basura en Ciudad Obregón (Sonora-México) Aplicación de la metodología de Sistemas Suaves y Dinámica de Sistemas.

  • The Challenge of Pursuing a System Dynamics Approach in Analyzing Complex Natural Systems: Example of Solid Waste Landfills.

  • A System Dynamics Study of Solid Waste Recovery Policies in Phnom Penh City.



  • Creating Value in the Merger and Acquisition Integration Process

  • Building A Sustainable Strategic Advantage In The Third Millennium: A Case Method Approach.

  • Do Numerical Simulation And Optimization Results Improve Management? Experimental Evidence.

  • Limits To Growth On The New Economy: An Exploration Of The Get Big Fast Strategy In Dot.Com’s.

  • Simulation Of Qualitiative Models To Support Business Scenario Analysis.

  • Developing a Balanced Scorecard with System Dynamics.

  • Entrepreneurial Personal Drive Becoming a Limit to the Company Potential: An Organizational Dynamics Perspective from a UK Technology Start-up Case.

  • A Dynamic Theory of the Service Management: Implications for Managing Service Improvements Avoiding the ‘Service Jungle’.

  • Play with the Ants to Understand CASOS.

  • When Do Minor Shortages Inflate to Great Bubbles?

  • A Generic Tool Based on a System Dynamics Approach to Assess SME Business Stability and Help Designing Business Tactics and Action Plans within Transient, Non-Stationary Conditions.

  • A Dynamic Model for the Development of New Technologies for Ship Systems.

  • System Approach to Business Rules.

  • Economic Dynamics in Mobile Service Industry.

  • An Application of a System Dynamics Model to Evaluate Information and System Performance.

  • A distributed System Dynamics-Based Framework for Modeling Virtual Organizations.

  • A Conceptual Model of Operating Internet-based B2C Business in fastgrowing Industries.

  • The Dynamics of Resource Sharing and Organizational Slack in the Growing Multibusiness Firm.

  • A Simulation Based Approach to Understanding the Dynamics of the Transition from Product Manufacturer to Service Provider.

  • Acquiring Higher-Order Knowledge Using the System Dynamics Approach in Teaching Business Subjects.

  • On the Relation between System Dynamics and Soft Systems Methodology in Consulting.

  • System Dynamics in Six Sigma Practice.

  • Development of Multiplayer Games through Group Modeling.

  • Linking Balanced Scorecard to System Dynamics.

  • From Ivory Towers to Learning Organizations: The Role of System Dynamics in the "Managerialization" of Academic Institutions.

  • Simulating Organizational Change: Moving and Shaking.

  • Double Learning and Performance Improvement with the Balanced Scorecard – A Simulation-Based Experiment.

  • Management Flight Simulators: Development of a Multiplayer, Asymmetric, Network, ILE.


  • A System Dynamics Analysis Of The Effects Of Capacity Limitations In A Multi-Level Production Chain.

  • System Dynamics Analysis Of Stability During Non-Equilibrium Stage In Physical Distribution.

  • Banking Back Office Processing Behavior: Considerations on a Process Activity Managed by Capacity Saturation Policies.

  • Behavioral Causes of the Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains.

  • Information Sharing to Reduce Fluctuations in Supply Chains: A Dynamic Feedback Approach.

  • Warehouse Optimization in an Uncertain Environment.

  • Simulating the Evolution of Industries Using a Dynamic Behavioral Model.

  • Modeling Modern Maintenance: A System Dynamics Model Analyzing the Dynamic Implications of Implementing Total Productive Maintenance.

  • A Simulation Model for Organizational Evolution.

  • A Dynamic Diffusion Model for Managing Customer's Expectation and Satisfaction.

  • A Critical Review of the Use of System Dynamics for Organizational Consultation Projects.

  • System Dynamics Model to Understand Demand-Conditioning Dynamics in Supply Chains.

  • Front-end, Back-end and Integration Issues in Virtual Supply Chain Dynamics Modeling .

  • A System Dynamics Study of a Commodity Plastics Industry.

  • The Dynamics of Economic Value Depletion: A Proposal for Accelerated Feedback Loops in Production and Purchasing Decisions.


  • Business Transformation Success Dynamics: It’s the Communication.

  • Design of Information Systems: Simulating the Effectiveness of Knowledge Transfer Throughout the Systems Analysis Phase.

  • Understanding the Dynamics of Information System Use.

  • Understanding the Learning Process in Work Groups.


  • How To Define A Profitable And Sustainable Growth Policy In A Changing Market: A Case Study: A Small Publishing Company.

  • Building a Sustainable, In-House System Dynamics Capability: How an Internal System Dynamics Group Can Develop a Distinctive Service and Become an Enduring Component of the Company’s Operations.

  • Policies Influencing the Diffusion of Instant Messaging.

  • Service Quality and Customer Abandonment.

  • An Examination of the Timing of Investments for Pay TV Operators.

  • System Dynamics and a Product-Market Matrix for Strategic Planning.

  • Why Customer Choose Your Product.

  • Dairy Policy and Price Volatility.

  • Simulation of the business firm using several different princing approaches.


  • Effect of financial resource allocation on dynamics of national innovation system: The case of Iran

  • Coordination Between Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy by Means of a Model of Dynamic Simulation.

  • Savings-Investments Model in Egypt.

  • Use of Financial System Dynamics Models in Local Government.

  • A Historical Fit of a Model of the US Long Wave.

  • Models for National Planning.

  • Modern Electronics: Teaching Economics to High School Students with a System Dynamics Simulator.

  • Industry Evolution: A Dynamic Behavioral Model.

  • On the Confounding of Overshoot and Collapse Predictions by Economic Dynamics.

  • System Thinking and Economics Teaching.

  • Propuesta del modelo financiero para el sistema de Tarjetas de Crédito.

  • A System Dynamics Approach to a Chemist's Inventory and Finance Management.

  • Exchange Rates and Reshoring

  • Macroeconomic Model of Japan on the Flow of Funds and National Accounts


  • Applying System Dynamics To Scenario Based Software Project Management.

  • The Rotten Mango: The Effect Of Corruption On International Development Projects.

  • Integrative Mechanisms in New Product Development Projects: Effect of Project Complexity on Project Performance: A System Dynamics Approach.

  • Dynamics of Schedule Presure in Software Projects. .

  • Understanding Schedule Unreliability: A Case Study of a Facility-Tooling Project.

  • Effects of Constructibility Reviews on Highway Project Duration.

  • Simulação dinâmica de modelos operacionais com enfoque aplicado à engenharia de projetos.

  • Los índices de costos de calidad, una herramienta estratégica para el éxito de los poryectos.

  • Embedding Game-Theoretic Concepts into System Dynamics Models: The Case of Complementary Products Development.

  • Using Simulations to Define the Product Development Strategy Expected to Achieve the Shortest Time to Profitability.

  • Perception of Information Value Production of Influence Diagrams versus Level-Rate Models: The Opinion of Decision-Makers .

  • System Dynamics Student Projects as Quality Improving Process.

  • Why Good Projects Go Bad: Managing Development Projects Near Tipping Points.

  • Forgetting Curves: A Case Study.

  • Modeling Economic Impacts to Critical Infrastructures in a System Dynamics Framework.

  • Capturing Project Dynamics with a New Project Management Tool: Project Management Simulation Model (PMSM).


  • System Dynamics Practice In A Non-Ideal World: Modelling Defence Preparedness.

  • Using Simulation to Produce a Data Fusion Decision Support Tool for the Assessment of Manmade and Natural Disasters.

  • Extreme Event Agenda Setting and Decision Making.

  • System Dynamic Modeling of Engineered Landfill Covers.

  • An Analysis of Tokaimura Nuclear Criticality Accident: A system approach.

  • A Conceptual Model of Operational Risk.


  • R&D Project Portfolio in Research and Development, Part of a Whole in R&D Strategy

  • Modeling the Evolution of Public Industry R&D Institute - the Case of ITRI

  • The Validity and Utility of Participatory Research Strategies

  • Applying System Dynamics to Overcome Unsuccessful Success Factor Research

  • Economic Dynamics of R&D: Analysis of Technology and Development.

  • The Opportunity Cost Of Solving Problems: The Role Of Testing In Product Development.


  • Growing Vacationland by Retaining and Attracting Knowledge Workers.

  • Air Traffic Controller Manpower Planning Modeling: A Learning Platform for Understanding the Staffing Process.

  • Managing Intellectual Capital through Interactive Learning Environments Based on System Dynamics and Accounting Models.

  • Building a Theory of Open Online Collaboration Using System Dynamics.

  • Autorregressive Models and System Dynamics: A Case Study for the Labor Market in Spain.

  • Operational Labor Productivity Model.


  • Sustainable energy future: A System Dynamics approach to solving the Electricity shortfall in Ghana

  • Power Plant Performance: Identification Of A Relationship Between Availability, Reliability And Productivity.

  • Bounded Rationality In The SD Approach For Energy Modelling.

  • Value And Risk Evaluation Of Power Projects: A System Dynamics Approach.

  • A System Dynamics Model to Analyze Investments in Power Generation in Colombia.

  • Alternative Modeling Approaches: A Case Study in the Oil and Gas Industry.

  • Repeated Overshoot and Collapse Behavior: An Example from the Petroleum Industry.

  • Modeling the Dynamic Complexity of the Energy Policymaking Process.

  • A System Dynamics View of an Island Energy System.

  • Simulation for alternative regulations in the power-supply industry. Lessons for California.

  • The problem of managing a hydroelectric power plant: an approach based on traditional techniques and System Dynamics.

  • An Analysis of Tokaimura Nuclear Criticality Accident: A system approach.

  • Simulating the Patterns of Power Plant Construction in Califormia

  • Strategy and Risk Management in Electricity Trading. C.J. Franco

  • Power Plant Performance. Identification of the relationship between availability, reliability and productivity. Mahmoud Ajami.

  • Modelling for policy support in the Colombian electricity market. Isaac Dyner

  • Simulation for policy assessment of rationally-bounded energy-use, in competitive markets Isaac Dyner

  • A System Dynamics Study of Carbon Cycling and Electricity Generation from Energy Crops. Flynn, Hilary with Andrew Ford


  • Adoption of Alternative Fuel Vehicles in the Netherlands

  • Optimal Neural Feedback Control for Carbon Tax Policy Gauging in Transportation.

  • SIMTRANS (Freight Transportation Simulation Model)

  • Evaluating Economic Feasibility of Environmentally Sustainable Scenarios by a Backcasting Approach with ESCOT (Economic assessment of Sustainability Policies of Transport).

  • A System Dynamics Model of the Development Cycle for Future Mobility Vehicles.

  • Effects of Constructibility Reviews on Highway Project Duration.

  • Evaluating Fleet Maintenance and Management Strategies through a System Dynamics Model in a City Bus Company.


  • System Dynamics Model Development of the Canary Islands for Supporting Strategic Public Decisions. Miroljub Kljajic

  • Managing side effects of cultural tourism development. The case of Zhouzhuang. Xu Honggang

  • Cyprus Tourism. Environment, Profitability & Sustainability Dynamics Nicholas Georgantzas

  • Modelos de desarrollo turistico sostenible. Margarita Flores Esquivel.

  • Issues for Snowmobile Tourism. Anil B. Jambekam

  • Using System Dynamics Methodology to analyze the Economic Impact of Tourism Multipliers. Mohamed Lotfi


  • Exploring Future Performance of the Indian Telecom Service Providers

  • Applications of a telecom sector model for establishing and validating telecom policies and strategies

  • A simple model to study the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) impact on dynamic behavior of a two-competitor mobile market: Stability versus Oscillations

  • Increasing Mobile Operator Revenue Out of VAS

  • Forecasting the Diffusion of Innovations by Analogies: Examples of the Mobile Telecommunication Market

  • Telecommunications Operations Resiliency: Labor Shortages and the Voice Network

  • Applying Models to Forecast Mobile Service Market Development

  • Dynamic Analysis of the Long-Distance Telecom Bubble

  • The Dynamic Effects of Government Policies on Korean Telecommunication Services Market : Focusing on the Regulations of Mobile Phone Service

  • Leveraging a High Fidelity Switched Network Model to Inform System Dynamics Model of the Telecommunications Infrastructure



  • Models of Attitude and Belief Change from the Perspective of System Dynamics. Ralph Levine

  • Dynamics of a System as a Process of Realization of its Potential. Grigorii Pushnoi.

  • Geniusys: Systematically Developing Genius. Rohita Singh


  • An SD Approach For Assessing An Eventual Peace Process In Colombia. Carlos Ariza

  • The Rotten Mango: The Effect Of Corruption On International Development Projects. Richard Dudley

  • Modeling Human Behavior as a Factor in the Dynamics of an Outbreak of Pneumonic Plague. John Heinbokel.

  • Development of a Simulator for Social Dynamics and Agent-Based Models. Kazunari Ishida

  • Dyadic Dynamics in Interpersonal Cycles. Harold Kurstedt

  • Análisis Sistémico. Su aplicación a las comunidades humanas. José Alfonso Delgado

  • Testing the use of a System Dynamics Model for Improving Public Participation. Case Las Vegas Water System. Sarah Williams Cloud

  • The Vicious Circle of: The Rules of Law, Law & Order Policies and Erosion of Democracy Mario de Santis

  • Análisis Sistémico. Su aplicación a las comunidades humanas. José Alfonso Delgado.


  • The Feedback Dynamics between Poverty and Education Opportunity: Vicious Circle of Poverty

  • El Multiconector. Un modelo para la enseñanza de las ciencias.

  • A Comparison of the Application of Performance Indicators, System Dynamics Models and the Holon Framework to Quality Assessment.

  • Peer Influence en Educational Reform.

  • Macro regional economic development from micro-level partnerships between the higher education and business sectors.

  • Does Experience or an Education in System Dynamics Help People to Solve Simple, Dynamic Problems? – A Laboratory Experiment.


  • A Quantitative Assessment of Dynamic Intervention-Capacity Effectiveness in the 2014 Ebola Epidemic

  • Physician Decisions As A Source Of Variation In Chronic Disease Outcomes.

  • System Dynamics Applied to Epidemics.

  • The Obesity Problem. Is it a State In Mind ?

  • Simulating Health and Social Care Delivery.

  • Are you Mad to Go for Surgery? Risk assessment for Transmission of CJD via Surgical Instruments.

  • Dynamic Process Management towards Sustained Compliance and Benefit Clinical Research.

  • Modeling Human Behavior as a Factor in the Dynamics of an Outbreak of Pneumonic Plague.

  • Modelling Home Care Services to Identify Service Shortfalls.

  • Treatment Strategies for the Management of Chronic Illness. Is Specialization Always Better?

  • HDS Health Department Simulator.

  • Evolution and Trends About Number of Physicians in Spain: Dynamic Analisis.

  • Modelling the Emergence of Multidrug Antibiotic Resistance.

  • Building an Integrated High School Curriculum Focused on the Biology and History of Smallpox.

  • Epidemiologia matemática. Aprendiendo por contagio.

  • Modelo basico para la simulación de la respuesta del organismo frente a la ingestión reiterada de un tóxico.

  • Performance Evaluation of Management Information Systems in Clinical Trials: A System Dynamics Approach.

  • Repeatable Solutions: the Case of Elderly-Care Provision



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